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Our courses under the e-Learning platforms is an option for those unable to participate in the live classes.  The e-Learning platform is part of an overall unified training curriculum that participants could utilise to enhance their project management knowledge without certification. Where busy schedules, accessibility and flexibility are of prime importance to the individual, the e-Learning courses provide ample alternative avenues for learning. For organisations, the self-directed e-Learning courses can be used as a stand-alone learning tool or bundled in a package with other learning tools such as the Live Online Class or the Instructor-Led classroom, allowing flexibility of learning throughout the organisation. 



Education and Accreditation 


1. Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Preparation Course (5d)

2. Project Management Best Practices (3d)

3. Project Management Essentials (2d)

4. Project Risk Management (2d)

5. Project Management for Executives (1d)

6. Stakeholders Management & Prendo Simulation Workshops (2d)


Servicing Our 

Corporate Clients 

 At ADOVASZ INDONESIA, we do not stop at just improving the competencies of individuals and organisations. We are keen to assist our clients in their continous improvement and suggest the appropriate project management structure that will provide the most benefit for them and their business. Our service and assistance have made visible differences in the bussinesses and managements of our past clients.