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ADOVASZ INDONESIA ensures that you receive maximum benefit from your learning experience, through methods such as Instructor-Led Classroom, RMC’s Live Online courses and e-Learning. Development and innovation is at the heart of ADOVASZ INDONESIA to meet with the diverse needs of learning and personal training.

Although currently we only offer Instructor-Led Classroom, moving forward, we are very keen to expand and offer our other learning methods.




At the core of our learning and development approach is the highly interactive instructor-led classroom sessions.  In addition to hands-on exercises and simulations, the class incorporates face-to-face interaction with the instructor and other participants to allow for a more enriched and valuable learning experience, enabling discussions that reinforce the subject while exposing participants to a variety of perspectives. Our instructors are experts in their respective fields, with vast experiences of 15 years or more, in a variety of industries. We offer the Instructor-Led classes as both open and public as well as private classes within a company. 



Online Live Class 


Our RMC Online Live Class is an alternative to the Instructor-Led classes. Through bringing together participants and trainers in a virtual live classroom, our RMC Online Live Class delivers a number of the benefits of on-site classes while allowing participants to complete the course within the comforts of their own chosen environment. The class follows the same framework as our instructor-led class training, combining lectures and group discussions by using effective online learning facilitation tools. In addition to world-class instructions from experienced trainers, the live online classes feature live chat, white boards, breakout rooms, file sharing, testing/quizzing and other learning-based features.