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Project Management Competencies and Skills

We are the first choice training solution partner for many established corporations in Oil, Gas and Energy, Construction, Finance and Banking among many other sectors. We conduct training classes not only in Southeast Asia but also the Middle East and North Asia, in Japan and China.


Our Key Differentiators in 

Learning and Development 

Our training delivery is acknowledged globally as one of the best for Project Management certifications and learning. Based on the methodology developed by RMC Project, our delivery is customised to cater the learning style and requirement of many countries, and our courses are conducted in such a way to achieve the most innovative and effective class and training delivery. 

All of the above is supplemented by our award-winning, best-seller materials directly from our principle in the United State, RMC Project Inc. 

By choosing us, you can be certain that you will be in the best hands to achieve your training objectives. You will be in the right environment that offers:

  • A strong understanding of the regional training requirements.
  • Our company prides itself in being one of the pioneers in the industry to deliver training programs in Project Management. Through our experience in conducting classes in various parts of the world, we have accumulated a good understanding of the requirements and training needs of each industry across countries.  
  • A comprehensive and effective training curriculum and courseware.
  • We have developed a wide range of course materials that meet the demands of the market and the industry. Our solid approach to product development and innovation means continuous improvement to our materials, making the learning process more effective yet enjoyable. 
  • Collaboration with market leaders. We are aligned with RMC Project Management, Inc. In the US and Knowledge Method Pte Ltd in Singapore to provide you the best training. This ensures constant flow of knowledge as well as high quality training delivery.
  • Unrivalled trainers and consultants. Our trainers and consultants live by what they preach and are truly experts in their respective fields. Each one of our personnel have no less than fifteen years of experience that spans across industries, market sectors and project types.
  • Expert guest speakers. Some of our classes are supplemented by guest speakers and experts sharing their knowledge and expertise from a diverse range of industries.



ADOVASZ INDONESIA ensures that you receive maximum benefit from your learning experience, through methods such as Instructor-Led Classroom, RMC’s Live Online courses and e-Learning. Development and innovation is at the heart of ADOVASZ INDONESIA to meet with the diverse needs of learning and personal training.

Although currently we only offer Instructor-Led Classroom, moving forward, we are very keen to expand and offer our other learning methods.




At the core of our learning and development approach is the highly interactive instructor-led classroom sessions.  In addition to hands-on exercises and simulations, the class incorporates face-to-face interaction with the instructor and other participants to allow for a more enriched and valuable learning experience, enabling discussions that reinforce the subject while exposing participants to a variety of perspectives. Our instructors are experts in their respective fields, with vast experiences of 15 years or more, in a variety of industries. We offer the Instructor-Led classes as both open and public as well as private classes within a company. 



Online Live Class 


Our RMC Online Live Class is an alternative to the Instructor-Led classes. Through bringing together participants and trainers in a virtual live classroom, our RMC Online Live Class delivers a number of the benefits of on-site classes while allowing participants to complete the course within the comforts of their own chosen environment. The class follows the same framework as our instructor-led class training, combining lectures and group discussions by using effective online learning facilitation tools. In addition to world-class instructions from experienced trainers, the live online classes feature live chat, white boards, breakout rooms, file sharing, testing/quizzing and other learning-based features. 


Our courses under the e-Learning platforms is an option for those unable to participate in the live classes.  The e-Learning platform is part of an overall unified training curriculum that participants could utilise to enhance their project management knowledge without certification. Where busy schedules, accessibility and flexibility are of prime importance to the individual, the e-Learning courses provide ample alternative avenues for learning. For organisations, the self-directed e-Learning courses can be used as a stand-alone learning tool or bundled in a package with other learning tools such as the Live Online Class or the Instructor-Led classroom, allowing flexibility of learning throughout the organisation. 



Education and Accreditation 


1. Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Preparation Course (5d)

2. Project Management Best Practices (3d)

3. Project Management Essentials (2d)

4. Project Risk Management (2d)

5. Project Management for Executives (1d)

6. Stakeholders Management & Prendo Simulation Workshops (2d)


Servicing Our 

Corporate Clients 

 At ADOVASZ INDONESIA, we do not stop at just improving the competencies of individuals and organisations. We are keen to assist our clients in their continous improvement and suggest the appropriate project management structure that will provide the most benefit for them and their business. Our service and assistance have made visible differences in the bussinesses and managements of our past clients.